skincare concerns

skincare concerns

Find the Eleni & Chris products that best address your skincare concerns.


Emotional and environmental stress affect the skin’s self-defense, leaving skin dehydrated and uncomfortable. Discover our moisturizing products with innovative Scandinavian ingredients, formulated to protect and provide instant hydration.


Lack of sleep, stress, pollution and daily life can zap your skin. Discover our fresh and innovative products with powerful Scandinavian ingredients. Our luscious textures are formulated to tackle dry skin and help bring it back to life.


Choose from our anti-ageing products to tackle those first signs of ageing, to lift and firm skin, fight wrinkles and give back a glowing radiance. Powered by innovative Scandinavian ingredients.


Target your skin’s elasticity with products formulated with innovative Scandinavian ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin to lift, firm and tighten skin.


Say hello to Scandinavian glow with our radiance-inducing products. Pollution, stress and ageing can all cause the skin to look dull and lacklustre. Using our radiance-boosting products as part of your skincare routine.