haircare collections

haircare collections

salon signature collection



Reduces Warm Tones A unique combination of purple pigments, proteins and vitamins from our signature ingredient, The Cloudberry. ScandiMin contains new anti-pollution technology. This protects and repairs the hair against environmental toxins. The product contains keratin to repair chemically treated and damaged hair. It is color-protective and UV-resistant.



Moisture and Shine A collection of award-winning products with a unique composition of vitamins from cloudberries, a color protecting extract from sunflower seeds, as well as other handpicked Scandinavian ingredients for intense moisture and shine to the hair. Protects natural and dry hair from UV rays, repairs UV related damage and reduces fading of recently colored hair.



Strengthens and Rebuilds A protein and hydration-rich collection with powerful Scandinavian ingredients, designed to restore dry and damaged hair, by rebuilding it from within. This rich formula with highly concentrated ingredients work to strengthen the hair`s healthy, natural structure and make it more resilient, while still keeping it soft and hydrated.



Balancing and Calming This bestselling collection is specifically designed for those with sensitive skin, for a moisturizing, calming and vitalizing effect on the scalp. When we created this collection, our ambition was to formulate the mildest products possible, yet with high performance on the scalp and hair. The products are free from parabens, perfume, alcohol (Ethanol) and silicones.



Magnifying Formula Magnifying Formula A collection formulated and tested on fine Scandinavian hair for the ultimate balance of lightweight volume, resilience and an anti-frizz effect. This unique formula ensures that hair obtains the right quantity of protein and moisture to avoid damage as a result of brushing or from sun exposure. The best part? All products also include color protection.



Refreshing and Energizing Light and gentle products for daily us. Specially developed for men and has a masculine, sporty fragrance with a cooling effect that provides stimulation and leaves the scalp refreshed. The products contain caffeine, which energizes the scalp and can promote hair growth. Even prevents color from fading and provides UV protection, as well as adding moisture to hair and scalp.



Pure Performance After over 30 years in the hair industry, we created the styling products we always wanted. Explore the collection of products with ingredients based on the stylist’s know how on how to achieve high performance products. Developed by experts for the modern consumer demanding more out of hair products. Tested in length in salons by professional stylists.