our company

our story

Endless skies, clear water, untouched mountains and fjords – the natural beauty of Scandinavia is our touchstone and our home. Here we have found the purest of natural ingredients from which to create our signature products. The beauty of the landscape has inspired our spirit; our mission is to bring that beauty and inspiration to you.

“coming together is a beginning, keeping together is process,
working together is success.” – henry ford

mother & daughter

The partnership of these impressive women is founded in mutual respect of the strengths each bring to the creation of beauty products that embody their unique spirit.

shared passion

We are Eleni and Chris. So different in so many ways yet united by shared passion. We believe the extraordinary comes from collaboration not promise. Where Eleni meets Chris:
Knowledge meets intuition, wisdom meets youth,

Strength meets compassion Innovation meets tradition,

Opinion meets expertise.

scandinavian beauty

We have a unique and compelling story around which to build our brand – the story of Inger Ellen and Christinah; mother and daughter who are very different in background and approach but share an extraordinary level of drive, passion and creativity, rooted in and inspired by their Scandinavian home.

“our differences are our strength, our strength is our difference.
from this, extraordinary happens.”